Your History Through DNA

13 Nov Your History Through DNA

Genealogist Alan Zeller led a class on DNA recently at the Main Library. Here are some points which were discussed.

For genealogical purposes, DNA tests help people discover their ethnic origins and find new relatives. Several companies do the testing. To help decide which company to use, first ask yourself what it is that you want to know.

Then consider the different types of DNA tests. Y-line DNA tests the Y chromosome which is passed from father to son. Mitochondrial tests the DNA that is passed from a mother to her children but which is only passed on by the females. Autosomal tests the DNA provided by both parents on the 23 chromosomes.

Last consider the fees, process, and time to get results. Here are the links and some basic information on four tests: Choice of 3 tests at $69, $169, $199; results in 6-8 weeks $59 special through November 23, cheek swab, results in 4 weeks $79, saliva, results in 6-8 weeks $49 if 2 or more are purchased through November 23, saliva, results in 6-8 weeks

Here are two more tips:

Consider testing through more than one company since results may differ.

Expect surprises!