Word Gaps and Reading Books

18 May Word Gaps and Reading Books

Reading and sharing books with children at an early age has a profound effect on their development and helps them learn to read.  Parents and caregivers are a child’s first and most important teacher and play a huge role in helping their children become successful readers. Research shows that children who are read five books a day are likely to hear at least one million more words than children who never have books read to them. This helps them to sound out unfamiliar words when they enter school. Words found in books make up a deeper and more rich language than everyday conversation, so books need to be included in a child’s early years as much as possible!

The La Porte County Public Library supports parents and caregivers in helping to prepare their children for reading. Every home should include books!  The Library offers early literacy classes at various times and locations throughout the year. This summer, several of our locations will be introducing a ‘Blast Off Into Preschool’ class at which children and their parents will be introduced to expectations and activities similar to those that they will experience in a local preschool.

Your local library is here to support you in our common mission of making sure that all children get the best possible start on their reading journey! For more information visit one of our locations or click onto laportelibrary.org for additional literacy resources!