Wonderful Words For Little Ones!

06 Oct Wonderful Words For Little Ones!

Have you ever wondered how to prepare your baby or toddler for reading? Have you ever thought it was even POSSIBLE for your baby or toddler to develop reading skills at such a young age? Children are always learning and taking in their surroundings, even before they can walk or talk! That is why it is incredibly important to show your little ones how much you value reading and want to share it with them! You can make reading together a special time! Grab a special stuffed friend and a book and snuggle with your baby! Sing songs and tell nursery rhymes! Point out letters as you make a trip to the grocery store. Build up your child’s vocabulary by explaining how things work and about the world around them. Tell them the parts of a tree or the colors of the rainbow. Make up silly rhymes using their name or favorite animal.¬†All of these things will help your child develop the skills necessary to soar into the reading world!

Also, remember to let them see you reading too! Children want to be just like their parents and, therefore, they will try and imitate what you do and say! So, pick up your favorite book, newspaper, or magazine and make a habit of reading in front of your child!

Remember, you want your child to love the experience of reading! If he or she seems uninterested or upset, take a break! Try again later! It is okay! Introducing them to this incredible wonder and helping them understand that it is a safe and happy time is enough!

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