Why Do Libraries Have Summer Reading Programs?

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Posted on June 18, 2021

by Megan Roseberry

Libraries have Summer Reading Programs to help prevent the summer slide. The summer slide occurs when a reader regresses or lacks growth in reading skills during the summer months. This can have an extremely negative impact on a child’s academic progress throughout future years in school. The summer slide can certainly be avoided. One of the easiest ways to help prevent the summer slide is to involve your child in the library’s Summer Reading Program. This Program is a fantastic way to encourage a love of reading and learning.


What Can Caregivers Do To Help Support Their Children’s Love Of Reading?


Let children choose what they read! It is important to remember that children are not reading for a grade during the Summer Reading Program, but are instead reading for enjoyment and to increase their knowledge of topics that interest them. Do not limit what children can read. Books, graphic novels, audio books – all of these materials count and teach children different aspects of reading, comprehension, and listening.


Let your child see you reading! Children who have parents or guardians as readers, usually become readers themselves. Let them see that you consider reading to be important and that you enjoy it! Take time to read yourself and it will benefit both you and your child!


Make reading a family event! Set time aside regularly to read together as a family. You can either read a book aloud together or each read your own. The important thing is that you are all reading together! Shared reading time is the single most important thing you can do as an adult to support your child in his or her reading journey! 


Check Out The La Porte County Public Library’s Summer Reading Program!


The La Porte County Public Library’s Summer Reading Program runs from June 7, 2021 to July 31, 2021. Our theme this year is Tails & Tales and we will be celebrating 8 weeks of reading and animals! We have many fun programs and activities planned to help you support your child’s reading development. Some of these activities will include storytimes and book clubs for youth. For example, we will be hosting a Cookies & Milk Book Club which is a storytime event complete with cookies and milk or water snack! We are also offering a Silent Reading Book Club which gives children a quiet place to read so that they can log their reading days for our Summer Reading Program! Lastly, we will have Stories & More and Play & Learn storytimes for young children to enjoy at a few of our different locations throughout the summer. Come join us at these and other events and learn about other ways you can support your child’s love of reading!

Megan Roseberry

Megan Roseberry

Megan, Community Engagement Librarian, Unicorn Fanatic, The Most Sparkly Librarian – any of these titles will do. When not bringing the Van Halen to early literacy classes or spreading the joy of reading to youngsters throughout the community, one can find her enjoying copious amounts of carbohydrates, binge-watching random television shows and movies, pretending to be a professional photographer, dancing around and singing when no one is watching (okay, maybe when people are watching, too), and thoroughly enjoying life with a never-ending smile!
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