What Happens At The Library When The Lights Go Out?

16 Oct What Happens At The Library When The Lights Go Out?

Have you ever wondered what happens at the library when the lights go out?  Do the librarians pack up and go home or do they go to sleep at the library? What do the books do? Do they sit quietly on the shelf all night and wait for the next day ? Do they fly around the library visiting books other shelves? Do they participate in Book Olympics? Or maybe, just maybe, the characters from each book come out to stretch their arms and legs (and wings and fins) for a night of fun!

You are invited to find out for yourself at our annual What Happens At The Library When The Lights Go Out event! This special event features characters from some of the most beloved books celebrating unique friendships. Featured books include Winnie The Pooh, Elephant and Piggie, Frog and Toad, The Rainbow Fish, The Giving Tree, Stick and Stone, and Charlotte’s Web. During the night, characters from¬† these books will come alive to perform parts of their stories for you!

Please join us for this magical night! Tour guides will be available to lead you around the library to the various immersive story experiences. You may also wear your Halloween costume to celebrate being a character! The evening’s festivities start at 6:30pm and run until 8:00pm at the main library location.