Watercolor Sunprints

01 Jun Watercolor Sunprints

The sun plays an important role in maintaining life on Earth and it’s climate. It heats the world to keep us warm enough to grow food and live comfortably. It also helps us mark the passing of time. But how can we¬†harness the power of the sun to make art?

Watercolor Sunprints

Hanna Branch

June 10, 10:30am – 12:30pm

Join us for an outdoor painting activity that will explore the sun’s power and make a neat watercolor painting you can take home. We’ll begin by painting an entire page of watercolor paper with our own designs. Then, we will cut out different shapes of black construction paper and lay it on top of our paintings. By placing these paintings outside, the sunlight will help the paint dry. We’ll be left with interesting artwork that showcases the strength of the sun!