Walk on Earth a Stranger Book Review

15 Oct Walk on Earth a Stranger Book Review

The year is 1849.

The United States government has just announced that for anyone daring enough to make the journey to California there are endless opportunities, prosperity, and gold waiting for them.

Leah ‘Lee’ Westfall is more than daring: she’s desperate.  Her best friend ran off to California—leaving her completely alone after a devastating tragedy.  To make matters worse, her uncle Hiram comes to take care of her, but he isn’t motivated solely by family obligation—he knows her secret.  The one people have died to protect.

Lee isn’t just lucky when she stumbles upon gold while hunting or taking care of the farm.  She can feel it in the ground, waiting to be discovered.  She can sense veins of it running through the mountains.  She can taste it if it’s nearby.

Hiram is ambitious enough to use any resources to pursue his fortune out west—even his niece.  Lee must now flee from her uncle and brave the dangerous, unknown wilderness.  She must head west to California.

Walk on Earth a Stranger is a part fantasy, part historical fiction story cleverly written by Rae Carson.  It is book one of what will be a trilogy.

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