29 Apr TumbleBook-of-the-Day

Can’t get enough of TumbleBooks?  Be sure to link to TumbleBook-of-the-Day!

While TumbleBooks has offered this free program for a number of years, many users may not be familiar with it.  The program is quite simple: a new book appears every day…for FREE! The link works on any web browser, including the one on your phone. You do not need to be in the library — the link works anywhere.

The scrolling widget on the TumbleBookLibrary site will show you other “of-the-day” titles from previous and current day.  These titles cover the areas of story books, read-alongs, eBooks, graphic novels, nonfiction, and videos.

To access the La Porte County Library’s portal for all other TumbleBook titles, click here.

Happy Reading!

~ Submitted by: Michael Sheehan