Toys in the Library

30 Apr Toys in the Library

Toys provide many hours of fun for children. Have you ever considered that toys could more that just fun? Toys can be a source of learning. They help young children develop early literacy skills. Early literacy skills are the skills children need to be prepared to learn to read. Because of this, more and more libraries are including toys within their spaces for young children.  Toys and play encourage the natural art of storytelling. Children learn the concepts of beginning, middle, and end. Symbolic thinking, learning that one thing can stand for another, is also a product of playing and interacting with toys. The fact that a wooden block can stand for a telephone or a car can help a child understand that print on a book page stands for letters and words.

This article from School Library Journal states that play “imparts cognitive, physical, and social skills to children.” This is essential for young children. The article also highlights that “90 percent of the brain’s capacity is developed by age five, with the most significant development occurring from birth to three years old.”

The La Porte County Public Library understands the importance of play in a child’s cognitive development. Three locations, Main, Coolspring, and Rolling Prairie, have dedicated Play, Grow, Read spaces which offer educational and interactive games and toys. The other branches have special areas with fun materials for their youngest visitors. Please come visit us at one of our locations to learn more about how to help prepare your child to learn to read and check out our cool children’s areas!