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Posted on October 4, 2021

by Mary Hedge

Look at these statements from headline articles in the La Porte Argus in October, 1921. Terminology, capitalization, and what makes headline news can be different. Yet accidents, business, crime, and war still make headlines. Want to read the whole article? It’s on microfilm in the Indiana Room at the Main Library. Staff will be glad to help you access it.


October 1-9


Nine Harbor Town girls hike 14 miles from the Michigan City high school to La Porte, starting at 6:30am and arriving at 10 o’clock. This is the sixth such hike. Some have been on all the hikes.

Cotton breaks from $5 to $10 a bale, the highest price in a year on the cotton exchange.

The American Federation of Labor Unions faces the worst crisis in its history. From 1million to 1.5 million members have dropped from its rolls since the beginning of the year.

Three ant bears from Mexico are brought to the state of Washington. They eat potato bugs, locusts and other insects injurious to plant life and seemingly eat all of the time.

La Porte Mayor Sallwasser designates next Monday as “Fire Prevention Day” and next week as “Clean Up, Paint Up and Repair Week.”

Mike’s Taxi line in La Porte will get a new black and white Dodge taxi to meet an ever increasing demand.

Today’s game between the Giants and Yankees, the fourth of the World Series, is called off because of a rain storm in New York.

La Porte gets a glimpse into army life this morning when 500 men, a band, 300 horses and mules and 50 wagons pass through en route to Fort Sheridan, Ill. and Fort Snelling, Minn.October 11


October 11-16

The first session of the Irish peace conference to settle the quarrel between Ireland and England proceeds smoothly.

Mayor Sallwasser saves La Porte a big sum when he presides over city court instead of employing substitute judges.

The national capital is in mourning for Sen. Philander C. Knox who died of a stroke of apoplexy after serving for over 20 years as attorney general and secretary of state and two senate terms.

Over 160 mothers and daughters attend the banquet at the Baptist church under the auspices of the Daughters of the King and the Wide Awake girls. Presbyterian ladies serve the dinner.

Another new industry, the second in two weeks, is coming to La Porte. It will employ 50 men and make gas ranges and heaters, coal ranges, heating stoves, and novelty goods.

Convict labor is utilized in manufacturing the product of the factory of Emmet Scott, republican candidate for mayor, despite the fact that hundreds of men are out of work in La Porte.


October 18-23

The proposed investigation of the Ku Klux Klan by congress is reported to be abandoned.

Chicago physicians fight to save the lives of seven trained nurses in the West End hospital who ate home made candy impregnated with cyanide of potassium sent anonymously in the mail.

Friends of Premier Lloyd George of London are regarding his health as recent strains have left him entirely exhausted and scarcely able to speak.

Two armed bandits hold up a train in Illinois and escape with $5000 worth of whiskey. The liquor was being shipped as “breakfast food.”

The American farmer is confronted with the prospect of $1.00 wheat. Exactly a year ago the farmer was talking $3 wheat.

The sale of beer as medicine by druggists is now possible.


October 25-30

Voters of La Porte, men and women, should attend the Phoenix theatre tomorrow night for a free show and two speeches on the municipal campaign. If you want a seat, you should go early.

The new American restaurant on Lincolnway in La Porte, serving every known eatable from porter house steak to a dainty morsel of pastry and from “ham and” to mince pie is now open.

Lows’ Clothing Store is La Porte’s pride. It is the largest men’s and boys’ store in Indiana, north of Indianapolis.

Over 250 members attend a banquet at their Maccabee hall. There were speeches, singing, vaudeville, and a chicken dinner.

Thieves get away with a Cadillac passenger car while the owner was at the Elk club house. The car was equipped with three Firestone tires and one Johnstone tire.

Four extra coppers will be on duty in La Porte tonight to prevent the ghosts from walking too far. Masquerades will not be molested if they carry themselves in the proper manner.

Mary Hedge

Mary Hedge

Mary is a Public Services Librarian. She enjoys helping people find the information they need, including family and local history searches. Also, she serves as the director of READ La Porte County, Inc., plays the organ for a church, and enjoys traveling.
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