Summer Reading Update

09 May Summer Reading Update

It’s the second week of the summer reading program and there are already 209 students registered who have recorded a total of 7,986 minutes! That’s just over 133 hours of reading!

Below are the top 5 schools in registrations and minutes logged. Check back next week to see if your school has taken the lead. If you haven’t registered or recorded the minutes you’ve read, get started today!

Schools with the Most Registered Students

  1. Hailmann Elementary
  2. Homeschool
  3. Kesling Middle School
  4. Crichfield Elementary
  5. Rolling Prairie Elementary, Handley Elementary, and Boston Middle School

Schools with the Most Recorded Minutes

  1. Kesling Middle School – 1586 minutes
  2. Homeschool – 1479 minutes
  3. Kingsbury Elementary – 1139 minutes
  4. Kingsford Heights Elementary – 812 minutes
  5. Indian Trail Elementary – 487 minutes