Summer Reading: Long Term Benefits

Posted on July 30, 2021

by Megan Roseberry

Thank you to everyone who participated in the La Porte County Public Library’s Summer Reading Program and helped support and promote the joys of reading. Remember that reading does not stop because the summer is ending. Reading is an activity that lasts a lifetime and benefits everyone, regardless of age. 

The Long-Term Benefits Of Reading

Healthline published an article highlighting how reading benefits people as they get older. These benefits show how critical reading is for people of all ages. Here are just three of the benefits listed in the article: 

  1. Strengthen Your Brain: The brain constantly needs intellectual stimulation to stay active. Reading helps people develop skills and engage in critical thinking. In addition, reading can help “prevent age-related cognitive decline.”
  2. Improve Social & Emotional Skills: Reading also helps people maintain strong social and emotional skills, including empathy. Healthline references the “theory of mind,” which is “a set of skills for essential building, navigating, and maintaining social relationships.” A reader’s theory of mind generally becomes significantly “better-developed” the more they read.
  3. Stress Reliever: Reading is scientifically proven to be a stress reliever. Studies have found that reading actually reduces stress levels. After a busy day at work or school, it is nice to immerse yourself in a story. You can get lost in the pages and find a new world and cast of characters just waiting to meet you!
Enjoy Reading At Any Age, All Year-Round

Readers of all ages enjoy reading. It carries many benefits and can be enjoyed as a group and independently. It is important to remember that anything and everything you read counts, as long as you are reading. Keep your brain active, engaged, and learning throughout your life. Follow this last piece of advice from the Healthline article: “So, what should you be reading? The short answer is: Whatever you can get your hands on.” Happy reading!

Megan Roseberry

Megan Roseberry

Megan, Community Engagement Librarian, Unicorn Fanatic, The Most Sparkly Librarian – any of these titles will do. When not bringing the Van Halen to early literacy classes or spreading the joy of reading to youngsters throughout the community, one can find her enjoying copious amounts of carbohydrates, binge-watching random television shows and movies, pretending to be a professional photographer, dancing around and singing when no one is watching (okay, maybe when people are watching, too), and thoroughly enjoying life with a never-ending smile!
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