Summer Family Fun While Social Distancing

Posted on May 15, 2020

by Kaitlin Weiss

Who’s ready for some imaginative outdoor play? Now that it is getting warmer and summer is approaching, there are many fun things that a family can do together while still being socially distant! Here is a list of ideas that you could do as a family.

Kids enjoy running through sprinklers! So, set yours out and let the kids play in the water and cool down on a hot summer day.

Super soakers have made a comeback! Kids will have fun running around trying to get you wet.

Have a scavenger hunt in your yard. Search for things in your yard that deal with nature, such as leaves, birds, flowers, etc. Find favorite objects, toys, stuffed animals of your child’s, and hide them outside. Either write down what has been hidden or have a picture of the item on a sheet of paper. Hide the items and have your child search for them. Each time they find an item have them pick it up and cross it off of the paper.

Build a fairy or hobbit house. Go on a nature walk and collect items that you find, such as leaves, flowers, twigs, sticks, acorns, moss, stones, etc. Put all of the collected items in a basket or bag and take them back home. Then build a fairy or hobbit house with them!

Have an Olympics competition with a bunch of different events. The events could be all sports-related. Or the competition could be for telling the funniest jokes. You could even make events that are helpful to you. For example, you could say whoever completes the most chores wins the Olympics or whoever finishes washing the dishes or vacuuming the floor wins the Olympics. Have fun and be creative.

Buy or make your own sidewalk chalk paint and draw on your driveway! Here is a link to how to make your own:

“Introducing Goldfish At Home—a new way to practice your swim skills… from your living room!” If you want to practice swimming with your child at home this web site offers video instruction on what to do. It also has some fun swim activities that can be printed off for your child to do.

There are all kinds of things to do in the yard! Make your own backyard obstacle course with items you have on hand. You could play sports, pitch a tent and camp, plant a garden, tell stories around a campfire and eat s’mores, have different races (hopping, skipping, jumping, crab walking, etc), stargaze, and blow bubbles. 

At the Fish Lake Library, we have a Nature Play Area that you can use if no one else is around. There your kids can climb logs, build structures out of natural materials, or even create something in the art area!

There are so many fun things for you and your family to do this summer. So, get creative and have fun! We want to hear what you do this summer! Post your ideas and what you do with #athomewithLPCPL. Don’t forget to check out our upcoming virtual events. Visit our events web page to learn more:

Kaitlin Weiss

Kaitlin Weiss

Kaitlin (Kaiti) worked as a K-5 Media Specialist at two elementary schools in Hammond for 13 years before she became a member of the Community Engagement Team. She enjoys storytimes with the babies, going out into the classroom to teach lessons, and creating fun programs for the community. When not reading a book you can find her spending time with her two nephews, family, and friends, traveling to new places, crafting, and binge watching TV shows.
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