Summer Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

Posted on May 29, 2020

by Kaitlin Weiss

Are you and your kids looking for some activity inspiration? Well don’t worry, here are some summer craft ideas that are fun and easy for you to do with your kids! Most of the crafts listed below use items you most likely have around the house already.

Salt Painting:

This is a great summer craft because it can be kind of messy and you can do it outside or inside. There are so many summer themes you can draw with the glue such as jellyfish or sea creatures, fireworks, ice cream, etc. The idea is to be creative and have fun!

Step-by-step instructions to create jellyfish salt painting:

Salt painting fireworks:

Homemade Flour Paint Recipe: 

If you don’t have paints at your house and don’t want to buy any, here are two great articles that include a flour paint recipe. All you need is a container, flour, water, and food coloring!

Paper Roll Fish: 

With this craft, little kids will need help with cutting and folding, but they will have fun painting! It is a great way to repurpose those cardboard paper towel or toilet paper tubes that you usually just end up throwing away or recycling!

Painted Rocks:

Go on a walk to find rocks of different shapes and sizes. Take the rocks home with you and rinse them off with water and let them dry. Get some paints or markers out and then draw or paint a picture on your rock!

Salt Dough Starfish:

Check out the link provided here for a recipe to make salt dough starfish. All you need is flour, salt, and water! Use your imagination! What else can you make with salt dough? This dough is soft and can form lots of shapes. The dough can be air-dried or baked.

More Summer Craft Ideas for Kids:

The following links have even more summer craft ideas for kids! Check them out, have fun, and be creative!

Easy Summer Crafts for Kids:

40+ Sensational Summer Arts and Crafts for Kids:

40 Summer Art Ideas for Kids:

Summer Crafts:

Show off your craft creations this summer! Post your crafts with #athomewithLPCPL.

Don’t forget our Stories and More preschool storytime has a craft at the end of each class. So, join us for our virtual class every Friday at 10:00 am.

Kaitlin Weiss

Kaitlin Weiss

Kaitlin (Kaiti) worked as a K-5 Media Specialist at two elementary schools in Hammond for 13 years before she became a member of the Community Engagement Team. She enjoys storytimes with the babies, going out into the classroom to teach lessons, and creating fun programs for the community. When not reading a book you can find her spending time with her two nephews, family, and friends, traveling to new places, crafting, and binge watching TV shows.
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