Stencil Skylines

12 Oct Stencil Skylines


“Art Explorers 1”

Union Mills Branch

October 21, 4:00-6:00 pm

In this Art Explorers class, children and teens will learn about positive and negative spaces along with color temperature. We will create an architectural stencil from an adhesive-backed film, stick it to the paper, then brush tempera paint over the edge of the stencil. This is a special type of paint that will not stick to the stencil, so when sprayed with water, the paint will run down the paper. Once everything dries, the stencil can be removed and then you are left with an amazing watercolor skyline scene.

In addition to making the stencil skyline, we will also discuss color temperature. When adding the paint to the canvas, participants will use either a “warm” or “cool” color scheme. As the canvas is sprayed with water, the different colors will mix together and showcase different shades of each color scheme.

Mark this event on your calendar; we’ll see you soon!