Squishy Frogs

29 Mar Squishy Frogs

Springtime means new leaves and shoots, lovely flowers, green grass and…SQUISHY FROGS!

Union Mills Branch welcomes frog-loving kids and tech-loving kids to an event where squishy frogs will abound. These frogs may even bound around. Some of the frogs will have bright eyes. Some may blink. Some may croak or peep.

None of them will have real frog skin or real frog legs or real frog anything, because we will be creating our own squishy frogs using play-dough and Squishy Circuits! Everyone who uses Squishy Circuits–a tech toy and tool that helps kids simply and safely create circuitry with the ease of experts–says how much fun they are. Then they want to create even more interesting things with them.

Kids will also be able to take a frog home with them after a second surprise frog craft. It all takes place during school Spring Break, Tuesday, April 5, 1:00 pm.  Bring your friends and family for froggy fun!