Something Ventured, Something Gained in Genealogy

10 Nov Something Ventured, Something Gained in Genealogy


My brother spent a week in Norway researching our ancestors during his summer vacation. He was able to visit the church where two of our second great-grandfathers were baptized. He also visited a genealogy center in Stavanger in the same county as the church. He found that one of these grandfathers did not actually live on Karmoy, the island where the church is. Instead, he lived on the southern tip of the second peninsula from the island. When I visited a genealogy center that is now closed to the public years ago, they failed to tell me this so I assumed he lived where the church was. So as many genealogists know, don’t assume anything until you’ve found proof in a number of ways. The bygdebok about our relatives shows that this grandfather was a farmer and even shows how many animals he owned. Since they didn’t own many, I wondered how they could possibly have made a living. This was not explained to me, but it was explained to my brother. ALL farmers in that area were also fishermen. That way one occupation would carry over the other when the bad times came. Also, my brother asked for directions to the peninsula so he could walk on our ancestor’s soil. A tour guide told him he’d have to take a ferry and then go up and then down the land. But then someone said a tunnel from Karmoy to the peninsula had been built a couple years ago. So the second thing learned here is to keep asking for information and hope for a little luck too. I hope you are able to go to the land of your ancestors, find some enlightening information, and have fun and a little luck too!

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