Seuss’s Uses

22 Feb Seuss’s Uses

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CAN You Read with Your Eyes Shut? SHOULD you Hop on Pop?

And could YOU create a whole rhyming book about either of those concepts? Dr. Seuss did!

Dr. Seuss was a learning innovator! His books were a new kind of book, different from anything previously written and illustrated.

Not only were his drawings weird and unique for his time, but the text almost shouted “Read Me!” Before Dr. Seuss got into the mix, children’s books  were mostly textual. There were illustrations that enhanced text, but pictures were not symbiotically paired with art the way Dr. Seuss’s works are. He single-handedly created a new type of reading material for children.

Perhaps more importantly, Dr. Seuss created a genre of books that help children learn to read.

There is proof that when children play with rhymes, they establish mental phonemic connections. Those connections result in better language learning and reading skills by first grade. Dr. Seuss knew this intuitively, and it became one of the hallmarks of his children’s literature.

Seuss’s Uses at Hanna Branch is an exciting event where parents of preschoolers will learn more about using Dr. Seuss books to support and enhance their child’s learning. There will be story reading–of course!–along with early literacy tips for parents and a chance to try them out. And what Seuss birthday would be complete without plenty of Seussian activities for kids? Free take-home reading activities will be available courtesy of the Indiana Department of Education, too.

“It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how!” Join us at Seuss’s Uses Wednesday, March 2, 6:00pm at Hanna Branch and find out how to have reading fun with Dr. Seuss!