Scholastic BookFlix

Posted on May 1, 2020

by Jenny Minich

BookFlix is a digital literacy resource for students in grades PreK–3 that pairs more than 130 animated classic storybooks with related nonfiction titles to reinforce early reading skills and develop essential real-world knowledge. With colorful visuals, rich audio, and interactive games, BookFlix is a perfect tool to engage and support beginning readers.

Thematically paired fiction and nonfiction titles are designed to bridge learning-to-read and reading-to-learn. Animated classic storybooks introduce early learners to the delights of reading while sparking curiosity, creating a natural springboard into the paired nonfiction text for deeper discovery. You can download the complete title listing at this link.

Students and teachers log in to Scholastic BookFlix at school or at home with your Libraries 360 card. Learn classroom strategies for using Bookflix and how to add title pairings to Google Classroom.BookFlix was featured in a recent episode of 6 Tips @ 6 on Facebook live and zoom. In case you missed it, check out this recording of Community Engagement Librarian, Pam Okosun, demonstrating BookFlix.

Jenny Minich

Jenny Minich

Jenny stays up-to-date on the newest tech for kids and teachers, and her favorite days at work are STEAM Camp days. She likes all the stuff your grandma probably likes – genealogy, DIY, and Midwestern resourcefulness. Jenny lives on a farm with her husband, their 2 teenage children, and an unofficial petting zoo.
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