Scenic Drives Along Barn Quilt Trails

30 May Scenic Drives Along Barn Quilt Trails

Summer is here and we’re continuing our Read Local series this week with a visit by author Suzi Parron. Suzi has written more than one book about the history and origins of barn quilts. Midwest Living magazine featured eleven barn quilt trails to explore across the Midwest.   They describe a scenic drive to discover these roadside gems—colorful quilt designs painted on barns–as a great way to enjoy the summer and I have to agree.  Suzi will be in town May 30th to conduct a barn quilt painting workshop. On May 31st , she’ll be at the Coolspring branch to give a presentation including images and her experiences exploring the Midwest in her RV.

Her presentation will cover how she discovered her first barn quilt in Cadiz, Kentucky which led her to Adams County, Ohio, where Donna Sue Groves began the barn quilt trail. Three years and about eight hundred barn quilts later, Suzi Parron can safely say that she is well-versed in the subject. She has talked with  with organizers of each trail in the country to find out a bit about their barn quilt projects.

Even if the farthest along the Barn Quilt Trail you get this summer is attending Suzi’s presentation and reading her books, you’ll discover many gems of the Midwest.