Robot Bowling Bash

19 Jan Robot Bowling Bash

Do you love bowling?! Yes? Not Sure? Then the La Porte County Public Library has an event just for you. At Robot Bowling, you can program your bowling ball ( Sphero Robot) to roll itself! No more picking up and throwing balls!

Sphero Robots are a fantastic way to do basic coding. At this event, we will program the robots to roll down a “bowling alley” and knock down the pins. Just like in real bowling, you get two chances.  Unlike regular linear bowling with big heavy balls, you can program the Sphero Robots to circle around and pick up a spare.



These robots are programmed on iPads through an app that has three ways to create code:

For the beginner, the Sphero Robots can be controlled by drawing a path for the robot to take. What kind of lines can you draw to knock down the most pins?

Sphero can also be programmed with block coding. This is for anyone in third grade or older. Block coding is easy: you drag and drop.

The third option is to write your own Java script on the iPad. If you are fluent in Java, this is the level for you.

You can practice for bowling or build your coding skills on your own at Spark Labs at the Main Branch or join us for Robot Bowling on January 25 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm at the Rolling Prairie Branch.