Project Gutenberg Titles Added to OverDrive

24 May Project Gutenberg Titles Added to OverDrive

The Library has recently added almost 4,000 classic literary titles to our digital eBook collection in OverDrive thanks to Project Gutenberg.
Project Gutenberg is a volunteer-based program that digitizes and diligently proofreads thousands of the world’s greatest literature on which the copyrights have expired, for enjoyment in eBook format. While the main scope of the collection is classic novels, poetry, short stories and drama (for example, works by William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Jane Austen) it also contains some cookbooks and many reference works. To explore these great works, you can use the Classic Literature list in OverDrive  or you can search the library’s catalog for Project Gutenberg to see the entire list. You will also find these items by searching for specific titles.
For more questions about these titles or enjoying the Library’s digital collection go to