The Exchange: Connecting People and Ideas

The Exchange at 807 Indiana Avenue is almost ready for you! This summer the new facility will open to the community, inviting all to learn and grow new skills. You may have heard that the building will provide meeting space, recording studios, lathes, sewing machines,... read more

100 Years Ago in June 1921

Look at these statements from headline articles in the La Porte Argus in June, 2021. Terminology, capitalization, and what makes headline news can be different. Yet accidents, business, crime, and war still make headlines. Want to read the whole article? It’s on... read more

Pride Month History

You’re probably familiar with the festivities that come with Pride today, such as parades, floats, and festivals. Did you know that it didn’t start out this way? The first Pride “parades” were actually marches in order for the LGBTQ+ community to be more visible... read more

15 Cottagecore Books for the Modern Homesteader

If you have been on Instagram much in the past year, it’s likely that you’ve already seen something called ‘Cottagecore.’ Pleasant scenes of dried floral arrangements, homemade meals, antique fabrics, and handmade crafts characterize the aesthetic. It was popularized... read more

Asian Pacific American History Book Recommendations

May is Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders have been a part of American history for centuries but sometimes this history gets lost. Below is a curated list of nonfiction and historical fiction books for all ages... read more

Publishing Industry Info

Have you ever wondered why the library doesn’t carry the show “OZARK,” seasons 2 and 3 of “Stranger Things,” or the latest season of “The Crown”? There’s a reason behind this that goes deeper than the library’s collection policy. As an institution representative of... read more


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