Podcasts to Welcome Halloween

In the month-long lead-up to Halloween that is October, there are plenty of ways to celebrate. From watching campy B-list horror movies to reading spine-chilling true crime, there is no shortage of material to get your spook on. Check out these podcasts that range from silly to terrifying to get in the Halloween spirit!


Teen Creeps

The two adult hosts discuss and joke about the sometimes corny 80s and 90s teen horror novels of their youth, and have a hilarious time doing it. 


My Favorite Murder

For fans of true crime that enjoy a less somber approach, the two hosts of this podcast discuss famous murders with plenty of humor thrown in. 


The Black Tapes

This fictional podcast documents a journalist’s investigation into a paranormal researcher and that researcher’s unsolved cases. 


The Apex & the Abyss

For fans of true crime, this deadly serious podcast covers infamous crimes in a way that highlights the dark nature of the crimes committed. 


The NoSleep Podcast

This podcast reads truly creepy fictional stories that are guaranteed to keep you up at night. 



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Posted on October 16, 2020

by Daphne Bechrakis

Category: Public Services


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