Play is Fun…and Healthy!

03 Jul Play is Fun…and Healthy!

Did you know that play is an essential piece of healthy living? In 2018 the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) published a clinical report that told parents how important play is to the development of children. This month the AAP published another article confirming that play helps build cardiovascular health in youth. While this is not groundbreaking information, it does serve as a great reminder that movement is good for your heart! 

Play is also a major component of early literacy skill building. When young children play they expand their vocabulary and practice using words in different contexts. Visit your public library with your kids to use the toys in the Play, Grow, Read Space. All of these items are intended to develop early literacy skills in young children while they play.

Play is not just for children. Teens and adults can relieve stress by playing games too. Ride a bicycle, try kayaking on one of the many lakes in the area, or jump on that playground swing and see how high you can go! Play is fun and healthy for all ages.

Now that summer is here, there are several opportunities to get outside and play! La Porte has many parks, both within the city and around the county. The parks offer hiking trails, playgrounds, and a few even offer exercise equipment for teens and adults. 

Check out these sites to find the perfect place to play.

City of La Porte Parks Listing

La Porte County Parks Department

Michigan City and La Porte Recreation

La Porte County Family YMCA