Play, Grow, Read Takes Flight

09 Sep Play, Grow, Read Takes Flight

Our Play, Grow, Read spaces offer children and their caregivers a place to read, write, sing, talk , play, and now — fly.  Fly? Yes! We’ve added a Flight Lab to our Rolling Prairie Play, Grow, Read space. Preschool and school-age children love to test and experiment how objects float inside the tube. The Flight Lab was specifically designed for young children to experiment with and learn about the movement of air. Children learn through play and hands on experimentation.

Adults can use open ended questions to reinforce certain concepts and guide children to a deeper understanding. Questions like what do you think will happen or how can we make it work better? Children often begin by stuffing anything they find into the tube to find out if it will blow through. Soon they learn through experimentation and play that only light items which catch the wind will stay airborne. Children learn new words when playing with wind like: air, billow, blow, breeze, draft, float, fly, gentle, gust, soft, strong, sway, and more.

All of our locations are adding items to their spaces. Stop in and check out the new additions.