OverDrive has been ‘Libby’rated!

23 Aug OverDrive has been ‘Libby’rated!

OverDrive has ‘Libby’rated the ease of use of their digital app by introducing Libby! The Libby app is a fast and attractive digital browsing experience for the customer!

Both Libby and the OverDrive app offer the same digital content from your library, but if you are a multiple library user, you might find it easier to browse and navigate using Libby.

Also, if you are new to using digital library materials, you might find a greater ease of use with the Libby app.

To access Libby on the La Porte County Public Library website, go to OverDrive and tap the ‘Try Libby’ banner.

You too will find yourself becoming a ‘Libby’rated user!

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements to the Libby app and make sure to give us your feedback of how our digital services enhance your reading experiences at help@laportelibrary.org.