Ordinary Things Look Insanely Cool Under Microscopes

25 Jan Ordinary Things Look Insanely Cool Under Microscopes

I’m talking about stuff like chalk, insects, coffee grounds, coins, bills, and wool. I’ve been seeing the ordinary world from a whole new perspective using the DIY Microscopes we built here at the library.

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For example, ever wonder why wool is so scratchy? Take a look at some wool under a microscope and discover the little barbs on the strands. Suddenly “scratchy” makes perfect sense!

Or how about coffee grounds? You think they’re plain old brown, right? Wrong. Under the microscope with a little light from the side you can see some colors you wouldn’t expect.

Even a color picture from a magazine is a surprise. I would never have guessed that many colors are involved in making up something that looks like one color from far away.

Check it out for yourself! Take an up-close-and-personal look at some things with the DIY Microscopes and discover the cool “unseen” world of microscopic wonders. There’s a microscope at all of our library locations from January 18-30, 2016. Using a smartphone or tablet you can explore for yourself. Then show us what you find and enter the Digital Macro Photo Contest.

To enter the contest, take an original photo with your device on the microscope and submit your best shot using the hashtag #diymylplibrary to Facebook or Instagram from January 18-30 (one submission per person). The photos must be family appropriate.

The three photos with the most likes on the image itself will be made into posters for display at the library. Show us what you find to be insanely cool under a microscope.