Operation Ozobot!

19 Jan Operation Ozobot!

Are you ready to take the Operation Ozobot! Challenge? Do you have what it takes? Then again—-What exactly is an Ozobot?

Ozobots are a one-inch-tall robots that use photo-sensory perception to recognize patterns, lights, colors, and codes to perform a task.  These small but mighty robots empower you to code, play, create and connect the digital and physical worlds. Ozobots are  fun and functional when teaching basic coding skills for all ages allowing users to customize their movement and function.
Through the Libraries 360 initiative, we offer Ozobot curriculum kits available for a six week loan period to both educators and parents. These curriculum kits contain a classroom set of Ozobots to build student STEAM skills and introduce them to coding basics with engaging lessons and innovative activities.
Attend the Operation Ozobot! Challenge to get started understanding basic robotics! For more information go laportelibrary.org/sparklabs.