NTB Kickoff Meeting Coming Soon

Posted on September 16, 2020

by Greg Coulter

The spirit of friendly competition and a love of reading live on in this year’s Name That Book competition. We may not meet all together, but we will still have great competition, fun, and create great memories.

Each year teams of 6th-grade students take on the challenge to read 15 titles and then meet to compete against other teams to remember what book contained a quote that is read aloud. Teachers who want to sponsor a team should contact Greg Coulter at the La Porte County Public Library (gcoulter@laportelibrary.org).

Teams will have a kickoff meeting on September 22 on Zoom to announce titles and run a practice round of the competition.

The Name That Book competition will be on November 10 at 6:00pm. The live online competition will be broadcast live on Youtube and Facebook.

Greg Coulter

Greg Coulter

Greg is Community Engagement Librarian, a seventh-generation Hoosier, a historian, former poutine cook, and a celebrated vampire hunter (have you seen any vampires around here? No! You’re welcome). They enjoy reading graphic novels, cooking, and traveling.
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