November is National Military Family Month

Posted on November 20, 2020

by Julie Wadle

November is dedicated to military families around the world. Each year, on November 1, the president of the United States, issues a presidential proclamation and the country takes time to recognize the dedication and commitment families make to support their service members.

While servicemen and women are actively deployed or training, their families are the integral foundation at home that allows them to perform in the field. Spouses and children are often separated from their service members for long periods and over great distances. Military families are resilient. In fact, they are so resilient, that the official flower for military children is the dandelion. Why? Dandelions can survive almost anywhere and are constantly moving and starting over, much like military families.

Here are some ways you can honor the military families who make the U.S. Armed Forces strong:

  • Thank a veteran, active duty or reserve service member, and their families for their service by giving back.
  • Adopt a military family for the holidays.
  • Offer to run errands for military spouses who may have their hands full with their children or even their pets.
    Volunteer or donate services to military organizations.
  • Read upcoming legislation and learn how it impacts our military, veterans, and their families. Then write and call your legislators.

Check out available books to talk with children about military families.

Julie Wadle

Julie Wadle

Julie is the Public Services Assistant Manager. She enjoys building community partnerships and helping others learn new things. When she is not on the sidelines cheering on her family, she enjoys being outside, baking, and reading the latest James Patterson.
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