NoveList Search Tricks

20 Oct NoveList Search Tricks

NoveList staff use their experience and skills to build a powerful resource with many customer-friendly search and retrieval tools for titles of interest.  While search features such as genre, reading level and geographic location are more common to users, two fantastic search features are often missed or unknown are Appeals and Themes.

Themes are popular and recurring plot elements that are found among fiction books for all audience levels. Themes describe the overall plot, while appeal terms describe the storyline, tone, writing style, and other aspects of a book’s content.  NoveList uses appeal terms to augment other data about genre, subject, geographic location, and reading level.  Appeal refers to speaking style and how the book feels rather than subject matter.

Customers and staff can find lists of appeals and themes by clicking the question mark (?) after the Search button on the NoveList basic search page, typing a keyword (like appeal or theme) in the search box in order to get the Appeal Terms or Theme Terms from the results display.

Using these powerful and handy tricks can make your NoveList search more rewarding and successful.

~Submitted by: Michael Sheehan