New Skateboard and Scooter Racks and Bike Repair Station

Posted on July 7, 2020

by Daphne Bechrakis

You may have noticed the new racks near the bike racks at the Main branch. These are our new scooter and skateboard racks! You can secure a scooter or skateboard on these racks by placing the scooter or skateboard in between one of the vertical openings and then locking the rings on either side together with a lock. Locks must be brought by customers wanting to use the racks. 

At the new Bike Repair Station installed along Maple Ave at the Main Library, you can pump up your tires, fix a flat, make adjustments using the attached tools. It has everything you need to quickly repair your bike while you’re on the go. Bike Repair Stations will be installed at all La Porte County Public Libraries in the near future. You can even access all of these tools when the Library is closed.


Daphne Bechrakis

Daphne Bechrakis

Daphne is a Public Services Librarian and Harry Potter enthusiast. In her free time, she enjoys reading, adding books to her ever-growing “to-be-read” list, hiking, and watching terrible movies with friends. One of her current life goals is to collect the entirety of the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Her bucket list includes seeing the Aurora Borealis and going to Yellowstone National Park. She is the proud owner of a spider-plant named Skullcrusher III, first of its kind, which she has somehow managed not to kill yet.
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