January 2018 Brings Astronomical Things!

30 Dec January 2018 Brings Astronomical Things!

The night sky in January will be full of lunar events. From meteor showers to total lunar eclipses, it is sure to dazzle us all with its beauty.

A very special astrological event is happening on January 31. Not only will there be a full moon, or blue moon as it is called when it is the second full moon in a calendar month, there will be a total lunar eclipse the same night. They’ve dubbed this coinciding event, which hasn’t happened in more than 150 years, the Super Blue Blood-Moon 2018.

And for the customers that can’t get enough of astronomy and all of its science, the LPCPL  has added  Astronomy Magazine to its shelves at the Main Library. In publication for over 40 years, Astronomy, offers some of the best information for hobby astronomers in the world. You can’t check out the January 2018 issue to take home yet, so come in to view the first issue just like you would view the stars!