New App Helps Parents

Posted on February 6, 2020

by Jenny Minich


We love this idea! Every once in a while there is a new tech idea that comes along that we feel compel to share with you! This is one. If you have to be away from home and still want to share that special bedtime story with your child, Google has made it possible. A new Google Assistant Action called My Story Time lets parents (or grandparents) record stories remotely for their child to play on-demand. My Storytime is designed to use the voice assistant to recreate the experience of a parent reading to a child even when separated by long distances.

If you want to come together to share stories the Library offers ‘Play, Grow, Read!’ spaces and weekly Early Childhood Literacy Classes to help children in developing literacy skills. Check out our website for more information

Jenny Minich

Jenny Minich

Jenny stays up-to-date on the newest tech for kids and teachers, and her favorite days at work are STEAM Camp days. She likes all the stuff your grandma probably likes – genealogy, DIY, and Midwestern resourcefulness. Jenny lives on a farm with her husband, their 2 teenage children, and an unofficial petting zoo.
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