Nervous Nellie

21 Nov Nervous Nellie

Have you ever gotten butterflies in your stomach when you go somewhere new and you might not know anyone else who is there? Children often face this when they start school each year. If you’ve got a child who is anxious in new situations, it can be hard to figure out how to navigate the balance of pushing them to try something new versus reassurance that it will be OK.  Some kids jump right in the deep end while others are more tentative and cautious. Talking at a child’s level can be hard too. Using words that make sense to them when they don’t really understand why they feel they way they do is challenging. When challenges like this come up, I like to see if there are some books I can read with my child that show how other children have the same issues and how they dealt with it. Reading stories together can give a child some tools and reassurance that words, even from a trusted parent, can’t provide.

Recently, I came across a new book titled The Day You Begin. It’s a book that deals with being the new kid in school, being an immigrant, and feeling like you don’t fit in. It’s a great book to share at home or with a class of students. Be Who You Are and Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon are books that encourage kids to get comfortable with the things that make them unique. There are so many great read-alouds that can help adults and children navigate challenging times. Staff here at the library have the training needed to help you find those books that can make life a little easier to understand. Just ask, we’re happy to help.

Library classes and event are another great way to help get children out an about to meet other children. This November and December, we have many events planned for children of all ages.