Nature’s Classroom

08 Aug Nature’s Classroom

Parents, teachers, librarians think about and talk about how to foster a love of reading or how to raise a reader. One of the best ways I’ve learned to accomplish this is by encouraging my children to find something they really want to know more about. One of the things we do the most that costs zero dollars, eats up a lot of time, and involves nothing technological is getting outside and taking a walk, going to a park, or even a botanical garden. 

August and September a really great times of the year to get outside with young children. There are so many flowers and plants producing all sorts of flowers and seeds it’s hard not to get excited. The insects are so busy building nests, laying eggs, or preparing for winter you’ll surely see some new bug you never knew before. My children get excited about spiders, caterpillars, or animals they find. They ask me questions I have no idea how to answer but I always say, let’s find a book at the library that can tell us more. When I go online and request books about a topic, they get very excited and next thing I know, they’re getting answers to their questions and telling me all about it. 


We’re hosting a short series featuring nature helpers in our community during our Stories and More early literacy storytimes in August. We’ve invited nature helpers in our community to share how they explore nature, learn about plants and animals, and give nature a helping hand in their own ways. Attendees will get tips and ideas for fostering an appreciation and curiosity for nature that can spark their interest in knowing more.