Montage of Memories

08 Jan Montage of Memories

Ever wonder what your mom looked like when she was a freshman? Or what your dad wore to his senior prom? Wanna dig up embarrassing pictures of when your sister was in Swing Choir to show your niece and nephews?

The La Porte County Public Library can help! We have a new digital collection of yearbooks from the 70s through today, and this event will help you become more familiar with this new resource.

Finding our digital collection of yearbooks is easy. From the Library’s home page, click on Services and then Geneology. The Digital Yearbooks are at the bottom of the list of resources; click on the “Digital Collections” to expand it before opening the linked “La Porte County Public Library Digital Collection.” Once there, you can explore the yearbooks from the LPCPL’s service area. You don’t even have to sign in or make an account.

Or, you can click here to go right there.

If your mom graduated from South Central in 1984, you can find her by clicking on South Central and then scrolling down to find the yearbook with your mom’s senior picture and who knows what other surprises. Senior Pictures are just the tip of the iceberg when you’re looking for 80s oddities. The Prom and Homecoming pictures are pretty righteous too, and don’t forget the club pages for some quality throwbacks. Most yearbooks have a Class Favorites section listing off favorite cars (South Central ‘84: Trans-Am), video game (Centipede), and TV show (A-Team). If it’s your yearbook, there’s probably a blast from the past waiting for you in the Ads section.

Join us at the Hanna Branch on January 11 at 4:00pm to comb through our digital yearbooks together. We’ll go over how to use this resource for both good and evil as we compared what we find together.