Mental Health Online Resources For Children

Posted on May 1, 2020

by Megan Roseberry

This is a stressful time for everyone. With so much still unknown, it is natural to feel anxious. Children can also experience this anxiety, even if they do not fully understand what is happening. It is our responsibility as parents, caregivers, and/or educators to help children healthily manage and navigate this difficult time successfully.

There are resources available to help! The Library of Michigan has compiled a number of different resources for young people and families about anxiety, stress, and coronavirus. The following websites are a sampling of some of the avenues of support provided for our children and families.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America website provides information on dealing with the circumstances surrounding the outbreak of coronavirus. This website is very detailed and informative and provides coping strategies for all ages.

Beacon House is a website based in the United Kingdom. It covers many topics on trauma and family and child mental health.

My Pandemic Story is an interactive workbook designed for children of all ages. This book can help educate families and help children organize and document their thoughts. The book also offers suggestions for adults on how they can best support children during this time.

Everyone, including children, occasionally need a break from the scary media surrounding coronavirus. Barefoot Books offers engaging activity ideas that can help children and their families relax and learn together.

Common Sense Media is an excellent source of tips, educational videos, activity ideas, and more!

Megan Roseberry

Megan Roseberry

Megan, Community Engagement Librarian, Unicorn Fanatic, The Most Sparkly Librarian – any of these titles will do. When not bringing the Van Halen to early literacy classes or spreading the joy of reading to youngsters throughout the community, one can find her enjoying copious amounts of carbohydrates, binge-watching random television shows and movies, pretending to be a professional photographer, dancing around and singing when no one is watching (okay, maybe when people are watching, too), and thoroughly enjoying life with a never-ending smile!
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