Men’s Health Resources

Health is an important part of everyday life and affects everyone. However, someone who has male reproductive organs will face different health issues and concerns than someone who doesn’t. Some common diseases affect more men than women or affect men differently. Check out the helpful health resources below!


Men’s Health Page on Medline Plus

Medline plus gives you information on health issues, testing, statistics, clinical trials, and professional journal articles. 


Health Direct – Men’s Health

This health resource from the Australian government has a section specifically for men’s health and includes brief, easy to read articles on common male health problems and concerns. 


John Hopkins Medicine – Men’s Health

This resource from a leading hospital has articles on common male health concerns and information on basic men’s health including preventative testing. It also has information on puberty and anatomy, making it a good resource for teens. 


Don’t forget to check out the library’s catalog for books and resources on male-specific health information and more general health information!

Posted on July 13, 2020

by Daphne Bechrakis


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