Meet-the-Author Book Reading: Celia C. Perez on Identity

25 Apr Meet-the-Author Book Reading: Celia C. Perez on Identity

The First Rule of Punk Celia C. PerezIn creating The First Rule of Punk, Celia C. Perez wanted to explore identity — all the different ways that people identify themselves and identify with one another. With her father thousands of miles away and her professor mom preoccupied, main character Malu finds her new school and new classmates make her question her identity. Perez uses Punk music and zines to help Malu find a way to define herself: “Punk and zines are about doing yourself, embracing who you are, and creating the things you want to see in your world without others telling you.” As Perez explains, she really wants kids to know they have “power to be creative and make things happen.”

Listen to Celia C. Perez share the inspiration behind her graphic novel now.

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