March Madness Meets Family History

20 Mar March Madness Meets Family History

Since March Madness and Women’s History month coincide, I thought I’d share some family photos that celebrate local women’s basketball teams. The first photo is of a 1959 Union Township team, and the beauty 4th from the left is my maternal grandma, Loretta (Rita) Zahrn Ferguson Garrison. She identified the ladies in the photo from left to right as Lois Dawson, I-don’t-remember-her-first-name-but-her-last-name-is-Grisback, Carolyn Richards, herself, Lois Arndt (my great-great aunt), Virginia McGarry Ferguson Hicks (my great-grandma), Mary DeCamp, Grandma-Hicks’-neighbor-she-had-3-little-kids, Linda Wright, and I’ll-remember-her-first-name-later-Vanderburg. I love everything about this photo- the ladies, the hairstyles, the smiles, and (of course!) the snappy outfits. In my grandma’s defense, she usually has a stellar memory. I happened to call her in the middle of a two-day road trip when she was returning to Indiana from Houston and she was a bit sleep-deprived. She also told me that this adult women’s team was part of a La Porte County league comprised of 6 or 7 teams.

The next photo is the 1936 Kingsbury High School County Champs. I can only identify 2 of these ladies: 2nd from the right is Ruth Thompson Minich (my husband’s paternal grandma) and her sister Lillian Thompson Druckten is second from the right. The changes in uniforms and hairstyles from the ’30s to the ’50s are notable!

The last photo is also Kingsbury, but I’m not sure what year. I’m guessing ’33 or ’34 because Ruth and Lillian look a few years younger and look at all those ribbons!

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