Make It with 3D Printing

Posted on May 31, 2021

by Pam Okosun

What happens when you take an idea of something you want to make and mix it up with 3D modeling and some persistence? Answer: 3D printing at the Library!


Take your idea from concept to reality (or prototype it) with 3D printing. The Library has Sindoh 3D printers available for use in the makerspace. It all begins with an idea. Learning 3D modeling and printing can even help you build useful job related skills.


Getting Started

Start online and open TinkerCAD to create the model of the object you want to 3D print. TinkerCAD is a beginner friendly software for creating 3D models. New to 3D modeling? No worries. TinkerCAD has easy-to-follow “Starter” tutorials to help you get started.


Once you have a 3D model, you’re ready to set up a job on the 3D printer. To use the 3D printer at the Library, complete the 3D Printer Use and Safety Course in the LPCPL Academy, then make an appointment with staff for a guided practice session (call 219-362-6156, Option 2). Once you’ve learned to operate the 3D printer, you can return to the makerspace to print more projects in the future.

Watch for 3D printing classes on our Events calendar and sign up to attend. In previous classes we’ve made custom keychains and rings!


3D Printing = More Than a Hobby

It’s tempting to think of 3D printing as just a hobby, or something used by big companies in urban centers. But 3D printing is used locally in La Porte County! In fact, it’s used in many fields from scientific research to architecture, manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, and more.

Examples of local companies using 3D printing include J&L Dimensional Designs, New York Blower, and Models Plus (medical models). That means learning how to create 3D models and 3D printing can translate to job skills. Curious? Learn more about the use of 3D printing in industry.

Pam Okosun

Pam Okosun

Pam is a Community Engagement Librarian. She teaches library classes, plans programs, helps customers learn new technologies, and loves to discover what people are curious about. Outside the library, you might find her crocheting, playing the piano, or flying with her pilot husband.
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