LPCPL Local History–Veteran Stories

Posted on April 3, 2020

by Fonda Owens

LPCPL’s mission is to be the center of community life with a focus on reading, lifelong learning and public involvement and a part of our vision is to have our locations, both physical and virtual, to be centers of excellence and to serve as gathering places. Since we can’t be together in our buildings, now is a time to gather in our virtual locations.

One of those virtual locations we can meet and share time together is through our digital collections that can be found on the LPCPL website’s Local History section. There you will find information about the library and we hope you will find it helpful and informative. You will also find there is the beginning of a collection of stories about our friends and neighbors, especially those who served in the military and gave of themselves during other difficult times for our country. Their stories give perspective to the challenges presented to us in life.  It’s a safe way to get to know them during this time of social distancing. I encourage you to share some space with them today. Get to know them.  They are amazing and they are part of who we are here in La Porte County. To listen to the Veteran’s stories click this link

Fonda Owens

Fonda Owens

Fonda Owens is the Director at La Porte County Public Library. A native of Virginia, she has made her home in Indiana along with her family. Growing up in rural Appalachia, she brings a thirst for knowledge, discovery, and opportunity to her work and strives to inspire it in others. Baking and kayaking are her current interests but she could find something new and fascinating at any minute.
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