LPCPL Exchange Equipment Spotlight: Epilog Laser Cutter

Image of an Epilog Laser Cutting Machine

Posted on January 12, 2022

by Kerstin Vossberg

Take your creativity to the next level with resources at the LPCPL Exchange! As a La Porte County Public Library customer, you can become an official maker and use a variety of equipment to create, learn, and explore! Keep reading to learn more about one piece of equipment at the LPCPL Exchange; the Epilog Fusion Pro Laser System! 

What are Laser systems used for?

Laser cutting is a fabrication process that uses a thin, focused laser beam to cut and etch materials into custom designs. Laser cutters at the LPCPL Exchange can etch on a wide variety of materials including wood, glass, acrylic, leather, cork, and more! The Epilog Fusion Pro also has the unique capability of etching designs onto cylindrical objects using the rotary tool attachment.

Official Makers at the LPCPL Exchange have been making unique wooden ornaments, custom cork drink coasters, etched drinking glasses, and more with the laser cutters! The creative possibilities for etching and cutting projects are endless. 

How do I get started?

We’re excited to welcome new Makers to the Exchange! To get started, take the Official Maker Course to become a certified user and start the registration process. Visit the Epilog Fusion Pro Use and Safety Course to learn more about the equipment! All equipment requires a scheduled in-person demonstration with LPCPL Exchange staff prior to independent use.

Upcoming events

Make It! Laser Cut Accessories, Wednesday, February 16 2022, 1:30pm – 3:00pm

Find this and other events at the Exchange on the events page

Additional learning

With your library card you have access to a vast catalog of educational videos through LinkedIn Learning! Explore some of the courses related to creating designs meant for Laser systems and more.

Laser Cutting: Design for Fabrication (1hr 1m) 

CorelDRAW 2021 Essential Training (4hr 50m)

Inkscape Essential Training (5hr 16m) 



Click here to see LPCPL Exchange hours and location information. 

Kerstin Vossberg

Kerstin Vossberg

Kerstin is a part of the Community Engagement team for the Makerspace Lab at the Exchange Building. She is a graduate of the Purdue University School of Engineering and enjoys all things STEAM. She likes to spend her time with her dog Taki.
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