Looking for Something to Do?

Posted on March 13, 2020

by Jennifer Bissonnette

Watch high-quality and award-winning films and documentaries from around the world on our Kanopy streaming service.

Here’s how it works:
Up to 10 films per month
Your library has generously given you 10 play credits every month.
3 days to watch each film
Once you press play on a film, you have 3 days to view it as many times as you like without using another play credit.
Play credits reset on the 1st of the month
Once you have reached your quota of films, you will not be able to play any films until the new month starts when you will be given a fresh quota of 10 play credits again.
Any device
You can access Kanopy from any device, including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and many more!

Check out our selection here.

Jennifer Bissonnette

Jennifer Bissonnette

Jennifer enjoys reading, writing to-do lists, and giving both of her dogs belly rubs. She has a weak spot for tasty sweets and is on a mission to find Northwest Indiana’s best cinnamon roll. She often over analyzes things but tries to use that to her advantage in her work at the library.
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