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Posted on April 2, 2021

by Michael Sheehan

Do you want to make the most of your library card? Follow this series of articles that will provide an overview of  information on the various digital resources and databases the La Porte County Public Library offers the community. This is the tenth in a series and will review the Library’s Novelist subscription



Is your child an avid reader? Finding the next series for them can be a challenge. Surprise them with ample suggestions that they actually like. Simply search the series and click the button for series Read-alikes by using Novelist Plus. You will also find a number of other helpful tools when looking for a good book for yourself as well. Search for information on hundreds of thousands of popular fiction and nonfiction titles for all ages. Get author read-alikes, book lists, book discussion guides, and more with NoveList Plus.


NoveList K-8 has info about fiction books for all K-8 grade levels and includes picture books, children’s “chapter” books and young adult titles. It is updated weekly.


LPCPL has offered Novelist services since before 2005.


While the Library catalog has some content enrichment provided by NoveList, the usage numbers presented next are based on access to the LPCPL NoveList K-8 page and the NoveList Plus page


NoveList Plus by the Numbers

  2019 2020 # (%) Increase
Sessions 707 1,424 + 717 (101%)
Searches 1,590 7,687 + 6,097 (384%)
Total Requests 2,908 11,664 + 8,756 (301%)


NoveList K-8 by the Numbers

  2019 2020 # (%) Decrease
Sessions 104 39 – 65 (63%)
Searches 143 21 -122 (85%)
Total Requests 257 83 -174 (68%)


NoveList (combined Plus and K-8) by the Numbers

  2019 2020 # (%) Increase
Sessions 811 1,463 + 652 (80%)
Searches 1,733 7,708 + 5,975 (345%)
Total Requests 3,165 11,747 + 8,582 (271%)


In reviewing the numbers, we can see that users accessed, searched, and requested resources in greater capacity during the pandemic with the NoveList Plus interface.  The pandemic had a greater negative impact on school users.  Still, in the end, overall use was higher in the COVID year than during a more normal one.

Michael Sheehan

Michael Sheehan

Michael joined the library staff in August of 2017. He is a member of the Library Admin Team. He has spent much of his adult work life swimming in seas of metadata, bench-pressing card catalogs, and bartering with information system vendors, but those activities have done more to tone his head muscle and less to develop those desirable six-pack abs. These cataloging skills have taken him through Illinois, Wisconsin, and back home to Indiana (queue the Soggy Bottom Boys: “the place where he was born and bred”). In his spare time, he attempts to stay out of family arguments, binge watches British comedy, drama, and mystery programs, and subjects his two cats to the latest in Indie/Alternative music.
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