Learn to Draw with these Library eResources

Posted on July 5, 2021

by Greg Coulter

This winter at the La Porte County Public Library, library customers enjoyed a 10 week online course learning to draw. After the course, one customer remarked that she appreciated using the free resources and thanked the Library for offering this series. “Other libraries and organizations have drawing classes that start at $200 or $300 and sell out immediately,” she said. 


Drawing itself is one of the most affordable hobbies. However, the price tag on drawing classes isn’t the only cost associated with getting started in this foundational skill. The tools needed, pencils, paper, pads, drawing boards, different erasers, inks, pens, and brushes all add up. For this reason, the library strives to provide learning tools to and instruction for our customers. 

Library Resources

Library customers enjoy free access to online resources to learn how to draw.. The two we learned from in the How to Draw course were:

  • How to Draw – This Kanopy resource includes over 18 hours of video content. This 36 part video series was produced by Great Courses. It is taught by David Brody, MFA, a professor at the University of Washington School of Art, Art History, and Design. He focuses on teaching you how to draw at home and provides a very traditional approach to drawing. If you enjoy this class or are looking for something similar, there are Great Courses about How to Look at and Understand Great Art and How to Paint
  • Basic Line Drawing – Creativebug classes offer more bit-sized drawing lessons. In Basic Line Drawing, library customers can learn basic stylized line drawing from one of today’s most sought-after artists. In this four-part course, Lisa Congdon covers the basics of line drawing, showing you how to build beautiful patterned drawings and integrate line drawing into your repertoire.
  • Foundational Figure Drawing – Also in Creativebug, this resource is a crowd favorite. For the uninitiated, figure drawing can seem like a challenging skill to build. When broken down into simple steps, however, developing competency is a matter of practice and perspective. Skilled draftsman and art tutor David Tenorio walks you through the basic steps of finding the gesture of a pose, identifying the moving parts, and finding proportion and volume to complete your figure. 


All of these resources come with downloadable PDFs of the course to guide your learning, but nothing beats the tried and true hard copies of artistic anatomy books


Watch the Library’s calendar of events for upcoming courses inspires you to pick up a new hobby. 

Greg Coulter

Greg Coulter

Greg is Community Engagement Librarian, a seventh-generation Hoosier, a historian, former poutine cook, and a celebrated vampire hunter (have you seen any vampires around here? No! You’re welcome). They enjoy reading graphic novels, cooking, and traveling.
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