Kids Books on Caring for Your Waterways

Posted on August 2, 2021

by Daphne Bechrakis

Water is such an everyday amenity for us that we hardly think about it. But water plays a crucial role not just in our lives, but in the lives of nearly every living thing on earth. This is why it is important to conserve and protect all of the bodies of water around us, and to start conversations about conservation early in life. 


From August 13- September 26 the Rolling Prairie library branch is hosting the interactive Smithsonian Water/Ways exhibit that highlights our relationship with water! Check it out for a fascinating and family friendly exploration of our waterways! In the meantime, here are some children’s books about caring for bodies of water and the environment they influence. All the following books can be found in the library catalog



We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom

Water connects everything. When a “black snake” (an oil pipeline) threatens to poison the water, a young Native American girl ralies her people to fight back. 

For ages 3-6


Plastic Ahoy!: Investigating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by Patricia Newman

What happens when plastic ends up in the water? Scientists explored the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a huge patch of plastic garbage (twice the size of Texas!) floating in the Pacific Ocean to find out how much plastic wound up in the ocean and how it affects the animals living there. This book breaks down their findings in an easy to understand way. 

For ages 10+


The Mess That We Made by Michelle Lord

This picture book shows the harm that plastic can cause the ocean and its animals while inspiring them to do something about it. Join 4 kids in a boat as they explore the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 

For ages 4-9


Over and Under the Pond by Kate Messner

While not strictly about caring for waterways, this book invites children to consider all the life teaming in small bodies of water like ponds. It is a great book to start the conversation about how clean water is vital to the environment, and what might be at risk if the water the animals live in isn’t healthy.

For ages 4-8


Flush by Carl Hiaasen 

This classic middle grade novel explores the impact pollution has on a community. A local casino boat is suspected of dumping raw sewage just off the beach of Noah’s hometown. When Noah’s dad’s ill-advised attempt to stop it lands him in jail, Noah decides to finish what his dad started. 

For ages 8-12

Daphne Bechrakis

Daphne Bechrakis

Daphne is a Public Services Librarian and Harry Potter enthusiast. In her free time, she enjoys reading, adding books to her ever-growing “to-be-read” list, hiking, and watching terrible movies with friends. One of her current life goals is to collect the entirety of the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Her bucket list includes seeing the Aurora Borealis and going to Yellowstone National Park. She is the proud owner of a spider-plant named Skullcrusher III, first of its kind, which she has somehow managed not to kill yet.
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