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EBook The Five Wounds

Posted on February 3, 2022

by Emily Kamp

It’s no secret that the past couple years have encouraged more staying apart than getting together. The silver lining? Finding new and creative ways to stay connected! Together We Read is a great opportunity to connect with fellow readers!

You may be wondering “What’s Together We Read?” That is a great question!

Together We Read is a two-week program facilitated by OverDrive that connects readers across the U.S. to the same book at the same time without any waitlists or holds. Think of it as a digital book club! Pretty neat, right? Joining is easy and free through the La Porte County Public Library OverDrive-powered site or the Libby app. All you need is a library card! 

The 2022 Together We Read title is The Five Wounds by Kirstin Valdez Quade. This debut novel from an award-winning storyteller follows a New Mexican family’s extraordinary year of love and sacrifice. 

The Five Wounds will be available for unlimited ebook and audiobook access between February 7-21.  

Be sure to join the discussion with #togetherweread on social media and use these discussion questions to guide you in diving deeper into the book!

There is power in reading and power in shared experience. Let’s come together & get to reading! 

Emily Kamp

Emily Kamp

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